About my journey

My journey with this blog began at the beginning of my 50th Birthday Year.  I chose to honor my journey to fifty by slaying metaphorical dragons and climbing literal mountains; awakening to unforeseen possibilities, and filling my time with adventures that fed my bohemian soul.  The time has been abundant with blessings and opportunities for growth.

This blog is organic and evolving just like me.   My heart beats with the rhythm of the earth, finding sacred balance within and desiring to connect and build community with others on a parallel quest. This is my ultimate challenge – to stay present and flowing with whatever is in this moment.  Could get really interesting…thanks for joining me on the trail!

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  1. janene eisenhart says:

    since having met you at the umkc wholistic fair I have found and consumed your blog and am left wanting for more! Your writings have touched me deeply. Thank you!

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