Blazing a New Trail

Like many young girls I was in love with horses. I read every library book that had a horse on the cover. I drew horses of all shapes, sizes and colors. I pretended I was a horse. I dreamed of the day when I would move to Kentucky and have a horse farm. And like many city girls, I had little access to real horses. I grew up and moved on, but always tucked in a corner of my heart was Horse.

My life path has taken me many places and filled my days, years with a great and eclectic mix of experiences. I have been a Challenge Course facilitator, life coach, and entrepreneur. I have been an organic farmer and successful project manager. I am a mentor and community activist. I have a backyard chicken coop and organic vegetable and fruit garden. I love to hike and take road trips and explore new places. And I love to take pictures and write about it all.

My latest adventure began after the last of our children flew the coop, I responded to the lifelong dream of having Horse in my life. I began hanging out at a barn, learning to just be around horses. From there I moved on to riding lessons and finally my husband granted my life long wish…I got a horse (leased) for Christmas. I continued to ride and eventually the ultimate dream came true. I purchased my own horse, Sage, a beautiful dapple grey quarterhorse mare with a gentle and wise soul.

Last year I completed a two year apprenticeship becoming an approved Instructor of Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching. Using emotions as information, remaining curious to the mystery and being energetically congruent in the present are ways horses live and survive and thrive in the wild. When we work with horse, they are an unfiltered mirror of our own stuff. They let us know immediately if we are not being honest or present or congruent. Using the Mind Body Method of coaching I facilitate the path to the client’s authentic voice and heart’s desire. It is truly amazing and moving to watch how Horse shows up in the work co-facilitating the client’s experience. The magic and healing power of Horse never ceases to amaze me. I feel blessed to bring this work to the Midwest.

For now, I offer individual sessions and group workshops. Look for exciting and creative opportunities with Horse to emerge as the year unfolds.  If you have questions or want to schedule a coaching session with myself and Sage feel free to contact me…

tmkelly1979 at

About Teresa Kelly

Teresa lives the way of the Horse, writes from the heart, gardens with the devas, cooks with passion, travels as much as she can and photographs it all. She is an advocate for urban agriculture and backyard henkeeping, lives by the lunar cycles and practices Shamanic Astrology. Above all, she is doing all the things she "has always wanted to do" and dreaming of returning to Montana, her soul place. Their four wonderful and creative children have flown the coop, so Teresa and the man of her dreams are busy feathering an empty nest with new dreams and passions.
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