Time to train..

Yep, got the training schedule in the main. One of my triathlon sisters created this great training schedule.  And now the pool is in the process of going topless so I guess I can practice rotary breathing in the bathtub. Yahoo, I love having some structure and a goal! I want to do more than finish better than last this year! I want to rock that bike ride…

My bike all dressed up for the Win for KC Triathlon 2012.

My bike all dressed up for the Win for KC Triathlon 2012.


Swim 400 yards 5/8/2013
Bike 30 minutes 5/9/2013
Run 20 minutes 5/10/2013
Swim 500 yards 5/11/2013
Bike 50 minutes 5/12/2013
Run 25 minutes 5/13/2013
Off 5/14/2013


Swim 500 yards 5/15/2013
Bike 40 minutes 5/16/2013
Run 20 minutes 5/17/2013
Swim 600 yards 5/18/2013
Bike 55 minutes 5/19/2013
Run 30 minutes 5/20/2013

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Teresa lives the way of the Horse, writes from the heart, gardens with the devas, cooks with passion, travels as much as she can and photographs it all. She is an advocate for urban agriculture and backyard henkeeping, lives by the lunar cycles and practices Shamanic Astrology. Above all, she is doing all the things she "has always wanted to do" and dreaming of returning to Montana, her soul place. Their four wonderful and creative children have flown the coop, so Teresa and the man of her dreams are busy feathering an empty nest with new dreams and passions.
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